Oligo Pool

A primer pool refers to a mixture of multiple different primer sequences with varying amounts, ranging from fmol to nmol, combined in a liquid or powder form. It is commonly used in applications such as gene library construction, targeted enrichment and capture in next-generation sequencing, multiplex PCR, and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) gene detection.

BiOligo is capable of rapidly synthesizing high-quality nucleic acid primers ranging from single fmol to large-scale quantities with our unique synthesis technology and purification process. Additionally, BiOligo offers customized primer pool synthesis services according to customer requirements.


1. Meet the requirement of fmol-nmol level primer pooling.

2. Ensure accurate quantification of each primer.

3. Able to synthesize primer pools with 120nt length and 5' biotin modification.

4. Individual quality inspection for each primer