Library construction is a crucial step in the entire high-throughput sequencing (NGS) process, and the quality of the sequencing library directly affects subsequent sequencing and data analysis. Typically, library construction involves end-repairing fragmented DNA and ligating specific sequences of adapters to both ends, followed by amplification to generate a library suitable for high-throughput platform sequencing requirements. High-quality adapters facilitate the connection between fragmented DNA and adapters, improving library construction efficiency.

Adapter Products

BiOligo has developed ultra-low contamination UDI/UMI adapters specifically for the Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. These adapters have two contamination prevention processes, achieving contamination rates of 0.005% and 0.00001% respectively. The adapters have accurate quantification and high annealing efficiency. All adapters undergo rigorous quality control and functional validation to ensure the stability and reproducibility of library construction.


Customized adapters

BiOligo can custom develop and produce adapter sequences according to customer requirements, including short adapters, full-length adapters, adapters with different contamination rates, and specialized adapters for different library construction standards.


1. Customized synthesis services and packaging requirements.

2. Strict quality control ensures low cross-contamination rate, low base error rate, high purity, and accurate quantification of adapter primers.

3. Unique index sequences ensure base balance of the adapters.

Service Details





Delivery Standard

BLG Dual Index

24/48/96 rxn



Single tube /   96-hole plate

Dry powder / 15 μM   liquid or designated concentration

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