Founded in 2011, BiOligo Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a leading biotech manufacturer dedicated to the R&D of essential raw materials for IVD and gene therapy solutions. Embracing a Lean Six Sigma management approach, BiOligo focuses on pioneering technological advances as well as product innovation.

Historically, large-scale production in the IVD and gene therapy sectors has faced significant challenges due to inconsistency and instability in raw material quality. BiOligo has successfully addressed these critical concerns for its industrial clients, setting new standards in the field and supported the development of advanced, innovative diagnostic/pharmaceutical products.

Innovative product portfolio

BiOligo has launched a lineup of breakthrough products such as the Super Quenched Probe series, next-generation ARMS-modified primers, ARMS-specific enzymes, UHP-gRNA and UHP-siRNA synthesis. In 2024, we introduced the RQ series probes for IVD, which would enable melting curve analysis solutions to outperform traditional TaqMan probe-based PCR solutions, bringing revolution to the PCR detection field. For gene therapy, we introduced BGP NAM11 transfection reagent, which achieves high transfection efficiency (over 80%) while reducing cellular toxicity by 15%.

The company now delivers top-tier, consistent, and reliable raw materials to over 1,000 IVD and CGT (cell & gene therapy) clients worldwide, and is welcoming more partnerships to advance precision diagnosis and treatment for a healthier future.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision

Advancing biotech excellence for a healthier future

Corporate Mission

BiOligo is committed to its customers and grounded in scientific rigor, with a focus on quality and innovation. As a supplier of raw materials for IVD and gene therapy solutions, we strive to be professional, efficient, fast, and reliable.

Corporate Value

BiOligo is driven by a focus on customers, concentrating on our core business while embracing innovation and continuous improvement. We support employee growth and development, recognizing their contributions to our success. Our values guide us in delivering exceptional products and services, ensuring a lasting impact in our industry.