shRNA Vector Construction

RNA interference (RNAi) is an effective method for knocking down gene expression and researching the regulation of RNA and protein expression in various cell types. Compared with traditional small/short interfering RNA (siRNA, miRNA mimics), using vectors or viral vectors to mediate RNAi experiments can further expand the feasibility of applications, such as various labeling or screening on the vector.


1. Through labeling, it can achieve the purpose of transient observation or stable screening;

2. It can be used to perform RNAi experiments in multiple cell types, such as primary cells and non-dividing cells that are difficult to transfect by viruses;

3. To regulate gene suppression through induced RNAi expression;

4. Screen out pure cell populations that can stably express RNAi sequences;

5. To regulate the expected target cells or other non-essential in vivo gene expression regulation through tissue-specific promoters.

Ordering Tips

It is necessary to clarify the gene ID information, vector type and order specifications.