Customized Adapters

BiOligo can develop and produce different adapter sequences based on customer requirements. These include short adapters, full-length adapters, and specific adapters to meet specific requirements for different contamination rates and library creation standards.

Service details




                  Delivery Standard

BLG Dual Index

24/48/96 rxns



       Single tube / 96-hole plate

       Dry powder / 15 μM liquid or designated concentration

       COA documents



1.      Customized synthesis and individual packaging services;

2.      Strict quality control to ensure a minimum cross contamination rate, reduced basic group error rate, high purity and accurate quantification of adapter primers;

3.      Specific Index sequence to ensure balanced basic adapter groups;

4.      Optimized annealing process to ensure the connection efficiency and stability of adapters;

5.      Special synthesis processes to guarantee stable phosphorylation modification of the adapters. All batches undergo strict quality control and functional verification.


HPLC purity

The HPLC purity of the adapters exceeds 98.5%, with a CV of 0.29% for 5 nmol adapters containing 69 bp phosphorylation modification and phosphorthioate modification; HPLC purity is 99.01%, with CV of 0.36% for 25 nmol adapters.