Hybridization Capturers

Hybrid capture is a targeted enrichment method that involves designing capture probes specific to target genes. By capturing and enriching the high-value target gene sequences for sequencing, it improves the sequencing depth of the target regions. Through bioinformatics analysis, variant information of the target genes can be obtained, making it widely applicable in genetic disease screening and tumor detection.

BiOligo's industrial synthesis platform can produce high-quality capture probes for high-throughput sequencing and targeted sequencing needs. Customized design services are also available to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring higher capture efficiency.


(Conventional synthesis has an error rate of approximately 1/1,000 bases, while special process synthesis can reduce it to below 1/100,000.)

1. High Efficiency: Utilizing high-throughput synthesis platforms combined with automated purification and packaging to ensure fast delivery.

2. Confidentiality: Information management system guarantees the confidentiality of customer sequence information.

3. Customization: Freely combine target genes according to customer research needs, supporting multiplexed capture of multiple samples.

4. Precise Synthesis: Over 99.6% chemical coupling efficiency, low frequency of mutations, and each probe includes a mass spectrometry detection report.

Service Details


Base   Length



Delivery   Standard


80-120 nt

500 pmol



Single tube/96-hole plate


Supports premixed and sub-packaged

* Capture probe products are charged per unit.