NGS Adapters

Release Time:28 February, 2023

Building a gene library is a crucial step in the entire next generation sequencing (NGS) process, and the quality of the gene library directly impacts subsequent sequencing work. Typically, library construction protocols require end repair of fragmented DNA, followed by the ligation of adapters—specific sequences—at both ends to meet the read requirements of high-throughput sequencing platforms. High-quality adapters facilitate efficient connection with the fragmented DNA source, thereby enhancing library construction efficiency.

With years of DNA synthesis experience, Bioligo has optimized synthesis processes, rigorous quality control, and contamination prevention measures, ensuring the maximum efficiency of adapter connections.


As a crucial step in NGS, the generation of the sequencing library directly influences subsequent sequencing and data analysis. Typically, the library is constructed by performing end repair on fragmented DNA, attaching adapters with specific sequences to both ends, and then amplifying the DNA. This process creates a library that meets the requirements of NGS. High-quality adapters enhance the connection with fragmented DNA, thereby improving the efficiency of library creation.

Customized adapters

BiOligo has the capability to design and manufacture various adapter sequences tailored to customer specifications. This encompasses short adapters, full-length adapters, and specific adapters, addressing distinct requirements for contamination rates and library creation standards.

Service details



  1. Customized synthesis and individual packaging services;

  2. Stringent quality control to minimize cross-contamination rates, lower basic group error rates, achieve high purity, and ensure accurate quantification of adapter primers.;

  3. Incorporation of specific index sequences for a balanced basic adapter group;

  4. Optimization of the annealing process to ensure efficient and stable adapter connections;

  5. Implementation of special synthesis processes to guarantee the stable phosphorylation modification of the adapters.

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