Large-scale Synthesis Platform

Release Time:28 February, 2023

We are dedicated to the development of core materials for industrial molecular diagnostics, addressing the needs of IVD and other molecular diagnostic technology platforms for oligonucleotide synthesis. Our focus is on resolving various issues related to batch stability and commercial applications. Placing customer requirements at the forefront, we adhere to a professional ethos, aiming to provide high-quality products and services to researchers in the global molecular diagnostics field.

Professional oligonucleotide synthesis service 

1. Single synthesis specifications can reach up to 8000 OD, ensuring timely delivery and intra-batch consistency of products. We offer oligonucleotide synthesis services of gram-scale and above;

2. Through equipment development and process breakthroughs, we address quality fluctuations in different specifications, avoiding the need for secondary development when customers are researching and developing products;

3. Years of validated proprietary synthesis processes are applied to various molecular diagnostic technology platforms, including qPCR, STR, LAMP, NGS adapters, and more;

4. We have independently developed various chemically modified genes and hold overseas authorized patents, providing robust support for product development;

5. Focused on raw material development, we have our own production base. Long-term quality agreements and a stable supply system ensure the steady provision of high-quality oligonucleotides.

Professional service

Professional Services: We boast a professional team that collaborates with clients to establish rigorous product quality standards. Our commitment is reflected in the exceptional services and products we provide through diverse production processes.

Customized Development Services: We offer tailored development services, providing comprehensive technical support for the development of molecular diagnostic-related products, ensuring optimal performance.

Comprehensive Recordkeeping and Process Management: With meticulous system records and adept process management, we facilitate a seamless journey for molecular diagnostics clients from research and development to large-scale commercialization and clinical production.

Quality control system

We have obtained ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System and ISO13485-2016 Medical Device Quality Management System certifications, strictly adhering to the ISO quality control standardization system. We have implemented the Lean-Six Sigma management method, personally guided by a Black Belt Master, to reduce product quality variations.

Quality Control Standards

1. Advanced Technical Testing:

We offer ESI-MS molecular weight detection, HPLC purity detection, and full-wavelength scanning for fluorescent modifications to meet the product standards required by molecular diagnostics clients.

2. Robust Anti-Contamination Measures:

Stringent anti-contamination measures are in place to prevent contamination from human templates, cross-contamination of synthesized products, and template contamination. We provide products with various levels of cross-contamination rate control.

3. Fluorescence Intensity Detection Service:

As needed, we provide fluorescence intensity detection services for Taqman probes and STR-modified primers.

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